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  • 5 Things All Couples Can Do To Fix Their ‘Broken’ Relationships

    Here’s how to fix a broken relationship whenever you truly feel like a break up is inevitable. Be attentive to what your partner is saying Any time one partner is speaking the other partner should be listening to them. Listening is more than hearing. It’s head nodding, body language, paying attention, asking questions, and showing …

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  • Arguing Techniques

    10 Healthy Arguing Techniques All Couples Should Use In A Fight

    Arguing Techniques: Relationships are delicate things and it’s entirely possible that a single overreaction can tear them apart. For this reason, couples need to learn how to argue with each other. When you get angry or hurt is NOT the time to figure this out! Thus, you have to do it when you’re both in …

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  • Recipe For A Happy Marriage

    Recipe For A Happy Marriage: The 4 Secrets For A Long And Happy Relationship

    Recipe For A Happy Marriage: Not so long ago we wrote about divorces, today it is time for tips on how to happily persevere in marriage for many years. Advice will be provided by experienced couples with several decades of marriage. Check what is the key to success! From marriage to divorce Relationship, engagement, wedding …

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  • Nice Things To Say To Your Man More Often

    6 Nice Things To Say To Your Man More Often

    6 nice things to say to your man more often The traditional division looks like this: a woman should be constantly complimented, and the man should throw compliments like from the sleeve. Rarely happens the opposite. Psychologists, however, prove that men also need compliments. Women who love to listen to compliments about themselves often forget …

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  • Criticism In A Relationship

    Criticism In A Relationship – Constructive Or Destructive?

    Criticism In A Relationship – Constructive Or Destructive? Criticism in a relationship is really rarely so constructive that it could result in cementing it for longer. Most often it has a destructive effect and can effectively kill any, even very strong love. It should not be allowed because the critical statements of the person we …

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  • Top 5 Lies About Love

    Top 5 Lies About Love

    Top 5 lies about love: Once in a year we celebrated Valentine’s Day – a feast of lovers. A stroke of love certainly was not the end. Even if it is not a special day for us, we are always happy to hear from our other half how much they love us and how much …

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  • 5 Things You Should Never Change About Yourself For A Partner

    5 Things You Should Never Change About Yourself For A Partner

    5 Things You Should Never Change About Yourself For A Partner: Women are usually brought up with the feeling that they have a duty to devote themselves completely to their love. When they love, they almost forget about themselves, just to fulfill every wish of their partner. It does not matter if it is in …

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  • Ways to Nurture Your Relationship

    9 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship (And Not Only On Valentine’s Day)

    9 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship (Not Only On Valentine’s Day): Valentine’s Day, right. This holiday when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is also a great day for stores with plush teddy bears, cards, and sweets, which are the most common Valentine gifts. But this annual holiday is not only this …

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  • Introvert Personality And Relationships

    Introvert Personality And Relationships: How To Love An Introvert

    Introvert Personality And Relationships: It seems that nowadays there is a real cult of extraversion. It is the extroverts who dominate in society, they are the most visible, it is easier for them to get what they want. Introverts stand somewhere on the gray end, which is no longer so light. Often introversion is treated …

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  • Spice Up Your Relationship: Plan The Romantic Date With Your Other Half

    Spice Up Your Relationship: What pops up when you hear ‘romantic date ideas’? You probably come up with pictures of hearts, candy, and sunsets, and hear love songs playing in your mind. Yes, I know that this was extremely corny, but you know what? Romantic date ideas are great on standby in case you and …

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